Katrina is a character appearing in Famer's Diary, Wesserli High, The Light of the Fairies. All the Minecraft roleplay that in process.

Katrina appears in Famer's Diary as a mean girl. But in other stories, she is a good girl. AnnieGamer is the one who thought up this character, she also the designer, the one who chose the name for this character. Gladys RC is the voice actor for this feature character. 


Farmer's Diary: Katrina isn't appear until ep. 4, so I can't tell anything...

Wesserli High: She was Annie's friend when they were in middle school. Best friend in the world! :D They met each other in the first day of school with Ariana. Around them not just nice people, also, there are bullies. The bullies are Tracy, Crystal, and Tifany. 

The Light of the Fairy: Katrina is a vampire of the darkness. The legend of the vampire in a long time, she is now a princess. But princess Emily needed her help to take back the Fairies World. Without any thoughtful, Katrina had agreed. Her mom tole Katrina about princess Emily, and her mom. That was why she agreed and had no requires.


Katrina isn't her real name, her real name was Gladys. Her friends are Annie, Crystal, Ashley, etc. She was born in 2002, she does have a YouTube channel. Her favorite colors are blue, red, black. She started doing Roleplay in 2015. She's nice doe! :) Annie and Katrina always eat lunches together at school. They laughed a lot. Shared everything they wanted to share. 

Katrina knows a little bit about Horoscope (Annie told her). Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She had a boyfriend >////< Well,... That's it

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