Famer's Diary is a Minecraft Roleplay Series written by AnnieGamer and GladysRC. There was a farm guy, the name Chris. He worked hard in a village, he was the leader of that village. He had a friend named Katrina, she loves Chris when she was younger! But Chris just think they are friends.

One day, a girl named Annie suddenly appear in his village. She was very hungry, tired, and thirsty. Chris rescued her by letting her stay in his village. Of course, she had to work! :) Next day Chris told Annie to be his chef (kinda), which means cook lunches and dinners for Chris. Well, that was what happened! -_-"

4 weeks later, they went hunting. Annie saw a girl with green hair and hot pink eyes, she was Katrina. A few moments later, Katrina woke up, looked around and she saw Chris and Annie. Annie decided to leave the, alone for a while. Katrina begun to ask such weird questions! (I think she is jealous with Annie, maybe...)

What will happen to their lives, watch Famer's Diary on AnnieGamer's YouTube Channel! Thank you very much! <3