Chris is a character that apear in Farmer's Diary, Wesserli High, The Lights of the Fairies, and many more Minecraft Roleplay (in process).

As you've known on YouTube, Chris is guy who was the lord of a village in Farmer's Diary Minecraft Roleplay. Before let this character join the roleplay, I have to thought a lot about the name, and the personality, and stuff like that. I worried aobut the skin and I'm needing a voice actor for this character. 


Farmer's Diary

Chris worked in a small village near the forest, he also the leader of that village. One day, a girl named Annie went into the village, she asked for helps. Chris helped her, but Annie needed to work. 

In the story, we've known that Chris was the lord. He met Annie, a girl with no home. Chris rescued Annie by letting her stay in his village. She has to work hard to pay money back. It's been 3 weeks, they went hunting together and detected a girl named Katrina, she was stucking in the forest.

Wesserli High

Chris is a senpai, which means he was the student with a higher level. Every girl in the school loved him, he became a populat student by his handsomeness. He doesn't have a girlfriend, many girls in the school sent him love letters, but he just ignored them all.

In this story, he is a coldly guy, he has friends, he studied and working in his group of the higher level students. He met Annie in a day that Annie saw him ignoring and throwing a love letter from a girl. She yelled at Chris and told him that was rude, but she didn't know that happened a lot of time. Annie is just a freshman.

The Lights of the Fairies

Chris is a mage in this story, he was very strong. He can blow up a big house with his power, he was the legend of a big village, he was a lord of that village. Chris was born in a small familly, his dad was dead when he just truned 3. His mom married another man, but that man killed Chris's mom. Because of hatred, Chris killed that man. 

In the story, people have known him as a kind lord, a very good guy. He was good to the villagers. 4 years later, it was the time to change the lord. People voted for Chris to the the new leader. About 3 years later, a group of people came, they said they needed him to come with them and take back the fairies world. What would happen next?