Annie is a charater that appearing in Farmer's Diary, Wesserli High, The Lights of the Faries, and many more Minecraft Roleplay (in process).

As you've known on Youtube, I am Annie for sure. Before thought about making this character and added it in Minecraft Roleplay, I had to thouhgt about how to make the character more feature and pretty. You'll see all the skins in Minecraft Roleplay videos on YouTube, I'm the one do designed them. 


Famer's Diary:

Annie was lost in a forest, she stayed there for 3 days. Annie just kept walking and hoped that she could find a village to get some help. Suddenly, she saw a guy, he was baking. His name was Chris. He was the lord of that village.

In this story, Annie found out a village. She didn't know there was a leader. After saw Chris, she fainted (Not because he was handsome) because she was too tired. Chris rescued Annie by leave Annie in his house. But a few days later, Annie decided to get a house in that village. 

Wesserli High:

Annie Lee was the new student of the Wesserli Highschool. She had 2 friends from middle school, they were Katrina and Ariana. In that day, she met Ashley and Joseph in the begining of the school. They were very friendly. Ashley told Annie about the informations of the school.

In the story, Annie was very nervous. She thought she can't survive. But actually she made new friends and she survived. Incidentally, Annie felt to Joseph's chest, that was how she made friend with Joseph. But not just friends and nice people, there are bullies, too. Tracy, Crystal, and Tiffany are the 3 bullies that usually bothered Annie.

The Light of the Fairies:

Annie was a fighter. She is a cat who lived a small house with her friends. Annie sells  anything that she caught in the forest 


Annie Lee isn't her real name. Her friends are Gladys (Katrina), Crystal (Araceli), Ashley (Arizbeth), etc. She was born in 2003 and started to doing YouTube from the year 2014. First time she was doing it, she had never thought that she could get a lot of subscribers. She likes blue and white, she likes junk food, she likes singing (not when there are a lot of people around). Annie hates when people are bullying behind her, she can always calm with it, but when she can't control her rage is burning inside, she'll fight back the bullies. 

Annie likes Horoscope and she belived in it. She likes her zodiac, it's Cancer (not the sickness). Also, she likes Virgo, Scopions, Gemini, Taurus, Aquarius, Capricorn,... But sometimes, she would hates those zodiacs (for some reasons.

Her favorite songs were Cry Baby, D O L L H O U S E, You Belong With Me.

(In process)

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